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Holy Trinity catholic academy

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'In every child there is a space that only God can fill' St Thomas Aquinas

Welcome to the website of Holy Trinity Catholic Academy, Newark, Nottinghamshire.

Holy Trinity School Uniform

At Holy Trinity Catholic Academy we have high expectations of all the children in our care. This is also the case with uniform. The agreed uniform for the school consists of:

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​​​Red Jumper/Cardigan with School Logo

School Tie

White Shirt

Grey Trousers/Shorts

Grey/Black Socks

Black Shoes



​​​Red Jumper/Cardigan with School Logo

School Tie

White Shirt

Grey Skirt/Pinafore/Trousers

Grey/Red Tights or White Socks

Black Shoes

(Girls may also wear a red gingham checked dress in the summer months)


PE Kits:

The children are also expected to have the full PE kit available on the appropriate days. This comprises of:

White T-Shirt

Red Shorts


(In the winter months the children may also wear plain tracksuits for outdoor activities)


General Information:

Children are able to wear a watch to school if they wish. Long hair should be tied back, especially for sports. Children are allowed to wear a pair of simple stud earrings. These must be able to be taken out for PE and other sporting activities. 



School uniform can be purchased through the school's online payment system or at the school office. the following items are available to buy in a range of sizes:


School Jumper with Logo: £12.50

School Cardigan with Logo:£12.50

School Tie: £4.00

Reading Folder: £4.50

PE T-Shirt with Logo: £5.25

PE Shorts: £5.75

PE Bag: £3.75