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'In every child there is a space that only God can fill' St Thomas Aquinas

Welcome to the website of Holy Trinity Catholic Academy, Newark, Nottinghamshire.

Liturgy and Mass

Year 6M Whole School Liturgy 21.9.2017 Theme: Our House Saints
Our first House Saints whole school liturgy introduced everyone to Saint Barnabas and Saint Clare. We were taught all about their lives - how Saint Barnabas was a great preacher who listened when God called him and spread His word to others. We also found out that Saint Clare lived a very simple life in order to serve God more completely. She recognised the value in the simplest things in life that God provides us with. We are looking forward to finding out about our other House Saints, Saint Margaret and Saint Hugh very soon.
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Y5D Class Mass 18.09.17 Theme: 'New Beginnings'

In Year 5D we had our class mass with Fr Michael. The theme was 'New Beginnings. This is our altar. Each leaf on the tree was made by a child and had their prayer for a new beginning written on it.


Y3/4 DO Class Liturgy 18/09/17 Theme: Change

Today we celebrated a lovely class liturgy on the theme of change. Everybody contributed to the display by bringing in something from the school garden which reminds us of the change of season.  We listened to the story of Zacchaeus and reflected on how we too can change our behaviour. We wrote down what we would like to change on a leaf shape and added these to our focus area.  Our mission was to 'turn over a new leaf' and try to be a better person.

Y3/4 DO Class Liturgy 18/09/17 Theme: Change

Y3/4 DO Class Liturgy 18/09/17 Theme: Change  1

Year 3/4J Come and See Display

Our first Come and See topic this term is 'Homes'.

In this topic we have thought about what helps create a happy home. 

We have built a 'happy home' and have written the qualities needed for this on each brick.

F2W Class Liturgy 18/09/17 Theme: We Are Special

The Foundation 2 children practised preparing an altar table ready for the liturgy. We looked at all the important items that we needed. We thought about God saying, "We are all special" and we wanted to let all the staff know this message. We made stickers and gave one to each member of staff so they knew they were special to God. We talked about what prayer is and who we talk to when we pray. We drew pictures of those people that we wanted to pray for and put them on our new prayer tree.  

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Y1H Class Liturgy 15/09/17 Theme: Our School Mission 

Today Y1H's class liturgy was based around our school's Mission Statement: In every child there is a space that only God can fill.

The children selected items to design a beautiful prayer focus. They created prayers and thought about how God helps us to grow in love. We each took either an acorn or sycamore seed - collected from Eco Land - and placed them in a jar. As we did so we asked God to help us grow, like seeds grow, in love and kindness towards each other.

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