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'In every child there is a space that only God can fill' St Thomas Aquinas

Welcome to the website of Holy Trinity Catholic Academy, Newark, Nottinghamshire.

Year 5D

Welcome to the Year Five class page. Mrs Durney is our class teacher and Mrs O' Brien is our class teaching assistant. Here you can find lots of information about Year Five as well as keeping up to date with all of the exciting things that we get up to throughout the school year.

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Our topic for the summer term is 'The Marvellous Mayans!' This topic will focus on the incredible history of the Mayan Civilisation. We will be investigating the diverse Mayan culture and looking closely at their way of life. This will include finding out about the Gods that they worshipped and learning how they wrote using glyphs. The Mayans were amazing astronomers too. Later in the summer term our topic is 'Amazing Animals & Perfect Plants!' This topic will focus on the natural world and all the wonderful things within it. We will be investigating micro-organisms and looking at the life-cycles of both plants and animals. Wherever possible we will be using our fantastic outside space for our learning, including the wonderful 'Ecoland'! To help in our learning we will also be organising some brilliant school trips for some practical project based learning! More details to follow soon...

 What a lot of exciting things we have to look forward to in this new school term...



In Year Five our homework is given out on Monday and is due back to school no later than the following Monday. It will normally consist of one piece of English, Maths or Topic work.

We will be testing our times tables with certificated being sent home to those who complete them.

We will continue to follow the RWI Get Spelling Programme this year. Spellings from this will be given out and tested on a two weekly basis, depending on the unit being studied. On alternate weeks the children will receive spellings from the appropriate National Curriculum statuatory word lists.

Reading is such a valuable life skill and is also relevant across all subjects within school. Regular practise really does make a huge difference to reading ability, as does talking about what has been read with someone at home too. Please try to ensure your child reads at home for at least 15 minutes each night and gets their home/school diary signed to indicate that this has happened. We will continue to complete a 30 minute session of guided reading daily in the classroom where all children get the opportunity to read new, exciting texts and answer questions about them.


PE will take place on Tuesday and Friday during the Spring term in Year Five. On Tuesdays the children will be playing Tag Rugby, learning many of the skills and techniques needed to pass the ball backwards and tackle the opposing team. On Fridays they will have outdoor PE. It is expected that your child will have the appropriate PE kit for these sessions available in school. The correct PE kit consists of: a white t-shirt, red shorts and plimsolls for indoor sports. Trainers are required for outdoor activities. 

Reading and Homework Rewards

Picture 1 Homework Bronze Reward
Picture 2 Reading Reward Level 1

End of Year Reflection

What a great year we have all had. I can hardly believe that a whole academic year has gone by. What a wonderful class you have all been. I shall really miss you all.


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This is a picture of a hydranga (I don't think that's how you spell it!) The reason it isn't a picture of the class is because we've had to use a new login and all the class pictures ore in the old login - but I'm trying to get organised ready for September......  anyway, since there were no photos available - here's a whole video of our Y5/6 production - ENJOY!


Sit back and enjoy our Year 5 & Year 6 Summer Production of Hoodwinked: A Robin Hood Musical again! A fantastic tale of Robin Hood and his Merry Men and how they have to try and defeat the evil Sheriff of Nottingham (Boo!)

Look on youtube to see the amazing film we made about our new playground markings....


The #Bagsofhelp campaign by Tesco allowed us to re-mark the playground with many new markings for the children to use. We now have: - A Daily Mile (16 Laps) - Phonics Sounds - Target in the middle of the playground The funding was also used to add some new planting and seating for the children.