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Holy Trinity catholic academy

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'In every child there is a space that only God can fill' St Thomas Aquinas

We are a Catholic Primary and Nursery School, part of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi-Academy Trust




At Holy Trinity Catholic Academy, we aim to ensure that we make all of our pupils ‘readers’. We aim to ensure a balanced mix of approaches to reading so that our pupils achieve the skills required, a positive attitude, confidence as well as interest and a life-long love of literature.


This aspiration for each of our children is based upon the need for them to enter the world of work as articulate and literate individuals with a strong love of reading. We recognise the responsibility to send children to secondary school having mastered at least the basic elements of reading.


We aim to ensure that all children have the chance to follow an enriching curriculum by getting them reading early: learning to read = reading to learn


Competence in reading is the key to independent learning and has a direct effect on progress in all other areas of the curriculum. We want our children to be ‘readers’, not just children who can read.


Please click on the following documents to find out more about reading at our school.


Our Reading Policy confirms details of the Phonics Scheme and Reading Schemes used in school.

Reading Policy

Phonics Term by Term Progression