Our Parish

Fr Michael O’Donoghue

We enjoy a very close relationship with Holy Trinity Parish. Fr Michael O’Donoghue is our parish Priest, supported by Fr Matthias, and we visit the church and celebrate Mass regularly throughout the year.

We also support the parish in several ways. The children lead Sunday Mass readings regularly throughout the year and we support the Sacramental Preparation for the First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion programme.

Mass times

  • Saturday at 7pm
  • Sunday at 11am
  • Sunday at 6:30pm

Our Christian heritage in Newark

A Catholic church stood in Newark during Saxon times, and probably still stood for the first hundred years succeeding the Norman Conquest of 1066, but of this church no fragment whatever remains. In about the year 1180, the first work started on the Catholic Church of St Mary Magdalene, Newark. Road names such as Friary Road and Friars Crescent are not named by accident but are evidence of a strong monastic presence in the area in the middle ages.