Our ‘Two Year Rolling Programme’ Curriculum Intent:

  • Is underpinned by the Catholic Mission of the school, placing Christ at the centre of all we do and driven by termly themes in the school’s RE Curriculum:
  •  Advent Term: Belonging, Changes & Events – Lent Term: Community, Lives & Choices   –Pentecost Term: Our Locality and Our World
  • Follows the EYFS curriculum and National Curriculum for KS1 and 2
  • Is rooted in the virtues as promoted in our Word of the Week films and wider curriculum
  • Promotes communication, language and vocabulary development across the curriculum
  • Widens knowledge and skills; and promotes the retention of this across all subjects
  • Broadens aspiration and ambition; and promotes confidence and self esteem through the provision of a range of extra curricular and enrichment opportunities
  • Enhances links with the local community and uses Newark’s various historical sites to develop understanding of its place in shaping history
  • Develops understanding of the wider world and the impact that we have as global citizens, enhanced through our Forest School provision and Eco School curriculum
  • Promotes the importance of positive mental health and well being
  • Promotes readiness for the next stage of academic development
  • Ultimately enables children to become ‘good people’ as well as academically successful, using their God given talents to make a positive difference in the world…

…And to know that, ‘In every child there is a space that only God can fill.’ St Thomas Aquinas

(School Mission Statement)

Holy Trinity Whole School Curriculum Long Term Overview

Holy Trinity Curriculum Final

EYFS Long Term Plan

Holy Trinity Eco School Curriculum

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Remote Learning Provision

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For details regarding our compliance with your duties in the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014 about making the curriculum accessible for those with disabilities or SEN, please refer to the relevant documents on the ‘policies’ page of the school website.