Remote Learning Provision

Holy Trinity Academy is now fully open to all pupils and operating a full timetable of lessons.

Should any pupil test positive for Covid, we will provide any work via Teams but not on-line if the pupil is unwell. Should any pupil be off for a period of isolation with or without Covid but are fit and well, parents may contact the school to request access to ‘on-line’ lessons; it will be at our discretion as to the number and frequency of on-line lessons that can be provided during the pupil’s absence.

In the case of any future lockdowns, where we would be required to fully or partially close, staff will revert to the timetable as set out in our Remote Learning Provision Offer.

Covid-19 Gap Recovery Action Plan

COVID 19 Gap – School Action Plan Report

Remote Learning Provision

Please click on the link below to view our school’s Covid-19 Remote Education Provision Offer and various other guidance documents for use during periods of class closure, whole school closure during lockdown or when your child may need to self isolate:

Remote Learning Provision

Academy Trust Remote Sessions Protocol

Remote Education Guidance For Parents

Children’s Support For Working At Home

Supporting your child’s mental health and well being

Mental Health Resources List Back To School 3rd Lockdown

Coronavirus Home Challenge

Anna Freud resources and advice

Supporting your child to work safely online

Internet Guide For Parents