Collective Worship

Prayer and Liturgy is a very important part of each school day, giving us all, staff and children, and sometimes parents and the wider Holy Trinity community, an opportunity to come together in prayer.

Mondays: ‘Word of the Week’ film Liturgical Prayer

Tuesdays: Whole School or Key Stage Liturgical Prayer led by SLT members

Wednesdays: Celebration Liturgical Prayer led by Catholic Life Ambassadors; Personal Prayer opportunities; Mark 10 Celebration of the Word

Thursdays: Whole School Singing Liturgical Prayer

Fridays: Class or Key Stage /Whole School Liturgical Prayer led by children.

Fridays Class or Key Stage Liturgical Prayer is prepared and led by the children themselves at an age appropriate level, giving them real ownership of the Catholic Life and Mission of our school.  They are actively involved in planning, leading and evaluating Liturgical Prayer, both as a class and in small groups. Children plan using the standard format of:  Gather – Listen – Respond – Mission

The key events of the liturgical year are celebrated in many forms throughout the year, including whole school Masses in church, Christmas Carol Services led by Y3/4, Nativity performances led by EYFS and KS1, Christingle Service led by Y3/4; Advent Liturgical Prayer led by Y5/6; Lenten Liturgies including Reconciliation, feast day celebrations, Adoration, the Rosary, Stations of the Cross, the Crowning of Our Lady; Remembrance Day Liturgical Prayer etc.

Have a look at the pictures below which give just a flavour of some of the acts of worship which take place in school…

For more information, please visit our school Facebook page and search for #HTACatholicLife.

Please also click on the link below which details the prayers that we teach the children in each phase of their journey through the school.

Prayer And Liturgy Policy 2024

Collective Worship And Prayer Progression

Our Lady of Lourdes Feast Day Liturgical Prayer and Retreat Day

Epiphany House and School Blessing

Y3/4 Christingle Liturgical Prayer

Encounter Liturgy Mission, ‘thinking of you’ cards for the housebound of our school parish

Upper Key Stage 2 Advent Liturgical Prayer

Advent preparations

Whole School Anti Bullying Liturgy