Music at Holy Trinity

Music is highly valued at Holy Trinity – all children in KS2 will learn to play an instrument and have the opportunity to sing throughout their journey through our school.

Whole Class Music Tuition starts in Y3 led by the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Academy Trust Music Service.  All children will learn to play a range of percussion and tuned instruments such as Ukulele, Trombone, Recorder, Keyboard.

From Y3, all children also have the exciting opportunity of whole class singing lessons from the Nottingham Diocesan Music team linked to Nottingham Cathedral.  This enhances their whole class instrumental tuition.

Through both, children have the exciting opportunity to perform both within the school and in wider venues such as at Nottingham Cathedral together with other children from within the Academy Trust.

We also offer a wide range of individual music tuition – children learn brass, woodwind, keyboard, string instruments or singing lessons either in a small group or individually.  This tuition is provided through Our Lady of Lourdes Music Service and parents are charged for this.  Lessons take place during the school day.

We also have an exciting School Band at lunchtimes for children who have individual tuition and wish to play for pleasure.  This is led by the Trust’s Music Service teachers and children in the band have the opportunity to perform to the rest of the school termly.