Religious Education

Religious Education Intent

At Holy Trinity we continually strive to develop the full potential of the school community in an environment permeated by the Catholic Faith and promoting Gospel values. At the heart of our mission is the family, school and parish, each supporting and working in mutual cooperation for the benefit of the children.

‘In every child’s heart there is a space that only God can fill’ – St Thomas Aquinas

Our RE Curriculum Intent is summarised as follows:

  • To develop children’s knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith
  • To give children the skills to enable them to examine, reflect and question upon religious beliefs and practise
  • To develop knowledge of other faiths and beliefs, in order to help respect and understand them
  • To provide opportunities for each child to develop a personal relationship with God

Religious Education Implementation

To fulfill the above curriculum intent and aims and to address the four areas of study outlined in the Religious Education Curriculum Directory, 2012 – Revelation, Church, Celebration and Life in Christ – the ‘Come and See’ programme is used as recommended by the Diocese.

Religious Education is taught through the process of Explore, Reveal, Respond. This follows the pattern of: the human search for meaning, God’s initiative in Revelation and the response in faith.

RE Policy 2023

Further information on the ‘Come and See’ programme can be found using the links below.

Come and See Programme Yearly Topics Overview

Come And See Overview

Come & See at Home Letters to Parents

Please find below links to PDF copies of our ‘Come & See at Home’ letters to parents.

These will be updated termly and include lots of very important and interesting information about the topics being studied by the children in school and how they might be followed up at home too. They also contain a helpful list of the various feast days celebrated throughout the next few weeks.

Come & See At Home Advent Term 2023

Come & See At Home Lent Term 2024

Come See At Home Pentecost Term 2024

Other Faith Curriculum