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'In every child there is a space that only God can fill' St Thomas Aquinas

We are a Catholic Primary and Nursery School, part of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi-Academy Trust

Collective Worship

Collective Worship is a very important part of each school day, giving us all, staff and children, and sometimes parents and the wider Holy Trinity community, an opportunity to come together in prayer.  Almost all of our liturgies are prepared and led by the children themselves at an age appropriate level, giving them real ownership of the Catholic Life of our school.  Have a look at the pictures below which give just a flavour of some of the acts of worship which take place in school...

Our Lady of Lourdes Feast Day Liturgy and Retreat Day

Epiphany House and School Blessing

Y3/4 Christingle Liturgy

Encounter Liturgy Mission, ‘thinking of you’ cards for the housebound of our school parish

Upper Key Stage 2 Advent Liturgy

Advent preparations

Whole School Anti Bullying Liturgy

Whole School Remembrance Liturgy led by Y3

October Our Lady KS2 Liturgy

KS2 Liturgy: Respect

KS1 Liturgy ‘Family’

July Y6 Leavers’ Liturgy

Pentecost Liturgy

‘Hope’ Liturgy

Crowning of Our Lady Liturgy

Light a Candle of Hope

Celebrating the beginning of Lent, with KS2 Mass

Whole school liturgy on the theme of ‘Forgiveness’...

Celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes with a whole school Mass including Bible presentation to all children in KS1 and 2

Whole School Liturgy led by Y1F on the theme of ‘Positivity’

Whole school liturgy 4th Feb: ‘Finding your brave’ in Children’s Mental Health Week...

Liturgy combining the themes of discipleship and justice

Whole School Liturgy Based on the ‘Epiphany’ with a mission to chalk our classroom doors with the special blessing...

End of Advent Term Christingle Service

Year of the Word Bible Presentation Liturgy

Adoration and Reconciliation

First week of Advent, Whole School Liturgy on the theme of ‘Hope’...

St Andrew’s Day Liturgy led by Y3/4

Whole School Liturgy, theme ‘Giving’

St Hugh House Liturgy

Youth Fun Day Big Sing ‘We are significant’

World Day of the Poor Whole School liturgy

A very moving whole school Remembrance Day Liturgy led by Y5D

Y6 representing Holy Trinity at the Newark Town Remembrance Service

Chaplaincy Team Liturgy on ‘Tolerance’ during Multi Cultural Week sharing their experiences from their visits to the Gurdwara and the Mosque

Chaplaincy Team Whole School Liturgy in Multi Cultural Week focusing on ‘Peace’

Representing Our Lady of Lourdes CMAT at the Dowry of Our Lady of Walsingham Tour at St Barnabas Cathedral

Whole School Harvest Liturgy led by Y3/4J in support of The Emmaus Trust

Class Liturgy ‘Equality’

Whole School Liturgy giving thanks for God’s wonderful world

St Clare Liturgy, led by the children of St Clare house...

Chaplaincy Team commissioning Mass

Class Liturgy ‘Belonging’

Whole School Liturgy ‘We belong to God’s family’

New School Year Whole school liturgy: ‘We are all God’s Work of Art’

Jubilee Weekend, our school celebrating 50 years and 40 years of Holy Trinity Church

July 2019: Golden Jubilee Mass, 50th Anniversary of the school

June 2019: Creation Mass, part of working towards Cafod’s Live Simply Award

June 2019: ‘Healing’ liturgy - mission to make a ‘Get well’ card for the sick and housebound

May 2019: Celebrating the Ascension of Our Lord at a whole school liturgy

May 2019: Crowning of Our Lady Liturgy led by Year 4

April 2019: Celebrating the Resurrction with a whole school liturgy

2nd April 2019: The Last Supper Liturgy planned and led by the children in Y6/5D

Holy Week in school... w/c 1st April 2019. KS1 ‘Entry into Jersuslaem’ Liturgy

Lenten Day of Prayer, ‘Discipleship’ theme: 29th March 2019

27th March 2019: De la Salle Hub Liturgy in Ecoland, theme ‘Creation’

March 2019: Y1/2E Class Liturgy, ‘Service’ theme

12th March 2019: Whole School Liturgy St Margaret ‘Do the right thing’...

5th March 2019: Whole School Liturgy with ‘Discipleship’ theme...

KS1 Ash Wednesday Liturgy

11th February 2019, celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. Whole School Liturgy led by Y6/5D...

February 2019: class liturgies praying for those affected by ‘Slavery’...

January 2019: Whole school Liturgy on ‘Generosity’

January 2019: Whole school Liturgy focussing on ‘Kindness’ led by Y3/4J

Y6 Pupil led Class Liturgy: Word of the Week: Kindness: 21st Jan 2019

Collaborative Liturgy with English Martyrs in Long Eaton on a visit to Cafod and the Poor Clare’s Convent: 21st Jan 2019

Pupil led Class Liturgy, Word of the Week: Kindness 21st Jan 2019

Pupil led Class Liturgy - Word of the Week: Democracy 18th Jan 2019

Year 6M Class Liturgy: The Feast of the Epiphany

Foundation Stage Class Liturgy celebrating the Feast of the Epiphany...

We celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany by inviting each class to ‘chalk their door’ with a special blessing. We invited our families to do the same... 8th January 2019.

Celebrating a wonderful Christingle Liturgy led by the children in Y3 and Y4: 21st December 2018

Preparing to encounter Jesus in Adoration and through the Sacrament of Reconciliation: 14th December 2018

Whole school Advent Wreath Liturgy: 4th December 2018

Advent Liturgy led by Y5 and 6 in church: we encounter Jesus during Advent. 3rd December 2018

Advent Class Mass led by Y3/4 DO: 3rd December 2018

The Big Sing on Youth Fun Day 23rd November 2018

Year 3/4 DO Class Liturgy supported by Y6 Liturgy Leader, Georgia...

St Hugh House Liturgy to celebrate his feast day, November 2018...

We Remember in November... Poppies made by our families to remember loved ones in our community...

6.11.18 Whole School Liturgy focussing on Liberty...

19th October 2018: House Mass celebrated by St Margaret and St Barnabas...

18th October: KS2 Liturgy celebrating the canonisation of St Oscar Romero...

11th October 2018: Whole School Retreat Day, ‘His goodness never fails...’

8th October 2018: Year 5W Class Mass...

October 2018: Foundation 2 Class Liturgy ‘Welcome’...

Year 1 Class Liturgy outside in our school garden. We look after our environment...

Year 1 Class Liturgy, praying for children less fortunate...

Harvest Liturgy in aid of the Emmaus Trust, led by Y3/4 DO...

Our Catholic Life Abassadors reviewing and evaluating the Catholic a life of our school...

Our first House Liturgy led by the children in St Clare House...

Our whole school liturgy to begin our new school year. We all ‘Belong’...

Celebrating Adoremus in school, a beautiful Adoration Liturgy led by the Chaplaincy Team.

September 2018, the Commissioning of our Chaplaincy Team...

10.09.18 Year 5W Class Liturgy Theme: Family

Today, Year 5W held a liturgy based around our work of the week 'Family'. During our liturgy we spent some time thinking about our family members and wrote their names onto a cupcake case, before placing it on the altar. We remembered that we are all part of Jesus' family and that we should look out for one another.

Y6M Class Liturgy 19.6.18: Theme: Hope

Today we held our held our class liturgy which was about our 'Word of the Week': Hope. We learnt what hope means and asked God for the gift of hope when we felt that times were difficult. We listened to the story of Noah and the flood. Noah had to have hope whilst waiting for the water to recede. Our reflection was the wonderful ‘Ribbon Prayer’. Each child was given a coloured ribbon and then tied it around the wrist of another member of the class that they would pray for. The ribbon would then give the person hope when they looked at it as it reminded them someone was praying for them.


Y1H Class Liturgy 11.6.18: Theme: Honesty

Today we held our held our class liturgy which was about our 'Word of the Week': Honesty. We learnt what honesty means and said sorry for the times when we have not been honest. We read Matthew's gospel about the time Peter denied that he knew Jesus and thought how this made Peter feel. We prayed for honesty and our own intentions. As we placed a Skittle on the plate we thought about our prayers and watched as the warm water brought all our prayers together.


Whole School Liturgy 22.5.18: Theme: Trinity

Following the feast of Pentecost and next week's Trinity Sunday, today's liturgy was spent thinking about how we can use the fruits of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives in our wider community to help spread God's Word to those around us. Each class was given a 'fruit' of the Holy Spirit on a balloon and a link to a Corporal Act of Mercy to encourage all children in school to be involved in shaping God's kingdom here on Earth. 

We also listened to children saying the 'Hail Mary' in different languages across the school reminding us of the power of the Holy Spirit coming down upon the disciples at the very first Pentecost, the birthday of the church.

Y3/4 DO Class Liturgy 30.4.18: Theme: Peace

Our word of the week is Peace and this was the theme of our class liturgy today.  We were sorry for

the times when we have not been at peace with others and ended by giving everyone in the class a sign of peace - a handshake, wave, hug, smile or high five!


Whole School Liturgy 24.4.18: Theme: Trust

This week's whole school liturgy focused on 'Trust'. We listened to the Gospel story from St Luke where Jesus walked on the water and Peter tried to do so too, but just didn't have enough faith or trust in Jesus to complete it. We learnt that sometimes we are like this too. We acted out the 'Boy who cried wolf' story which taught us that telling the truth helps us to become people to be trusted. We thought about other ways that we can be people to be trusted such as by being encouraging, supportive and guiding others. We ended by thanking Jesus that he is our trusted friend, always with us to support us and guide us in everything we do.



Whole School Liturgy 17.4.18: Theme: Friendship

This week’s ‘Word of the Week’ is ‘Friend’. In our whole school liturgy we thought about the qualities we like in our friends, such as cheerfulness, helpfulness and kindness. We acted out the Gospel Story from Luke 24:36-43 where Jesus appeared to the disciples and said, ‘Peace be with you.’ We thought about how Peter must have felt, knowing that Jesus had forgiven him for letting him down and saying he did not know him. We thought about times when we let our own friends down too. We learnt that we too have a good friend in Jesus and that like him, we should try to forgive our friends when we have fallen out. We have learnt that forgiveness is another important quality in being a good friend.


Year 1H Class Liturgy 23.03.18: Theme: Pope Francis

Today we held a class liturgy to learn about Pope Francis. The children chose the items for our focus area. We listened to his message of helping one another. We linked this to Jesus' story of the Good Samaritan and to how we can serve others especially during Lent. 

Whole School Liturgy  13.3.18: Theme: Giving

Our liturgy this week focussed on giving. We listened to the scripture passage about the 'widow's offering' and considered what we could give during Lent by 'fasting on' or 'feasting on'. We were reminded that Jesus wants to give of ourselves to Him though those around us so that we become a bit more like Him every day.

Year 1/2E Whole School Liturgy  8.3.18 Theme: Lent - Walking in Jesus' footsteps

Parents joined us in a whole School Liturgy led by Y1/2E about 'walking in Jesus' footsteps'.  The focus was on Lent and reminding everyone about prayer, fasting and giving.  We acted out the Gospel, responded with a reflective dance and each class presented something which represented their mission and prayer focus during this time.

Year 1H Non-Eucharist Fair Trade Class Worship 8.3.18

Today Father Michael and parents joined us for our class worship which was all about Fair Trade. We prayed for people who grow produce to be treated fairly and thought about how we can help by buying Fair Trade products when we can. 

'Books' Year 1H February 2018

Y1H Class Liturgy: 3.2.2018 Theme: Books

Year 1H finished our Books unit with a liturgy celebrating books that are special to us and books that teach us about God and Jesus. We learnt that through the Bible we can learn more about Jesus and how we can live like him. We also learnt about the special Books that are used in Church and the Gospels.

Y5W Class Liturgies: Spring Term: Theme: Our Emotions

In Year 5W the children have taken control of our class liturgies this half term. Our focus has been based around the 'Inside Out' film and the emotions within it. We have had a liturgy on each of the following themes:





The children are currently creating videos, which outline what each of these themes mean to them. 

Year 1/2E Class Liturgy with Father Michael 22.1.18 Theme: Books

Father Michael joined us to celebrate our Class Liturgy about Books.  We acted out one of our favourite Bible stories, Jonah and the whale, responded with a liturgical dance and wrote our own prayers.

Whole School Liturgy: 9.1.18 Theme: The Holy Family

In this morning’s Whole School Liturgy we thought about the Holy Family, our families at home and our school family.  We listened to the story of the ‘Flight into Egypt’. We learnt that Jesus’ family knew what it was like to be poor being born into a stable, a refugee having to flee to Egypt and that even though families have their ups and downs and come in all shapes and sizes it does not matter, all are special and loved by God.  We learnt that we are all part of God’s family and that he loves us all very much.  Our mission this week is to try and appreciate everything that our families do for us and to begin 2018 by showing love, kindness and gratitude in our homes and in our school family.

Y6M Class Liturgy: 20.11.2017 Theme: Anti-Bullying

The Year Six children celebrated another wonderful Class Liturgy on the theme of ‘Anti-Bullying’. It was planned and delivered completely by members of the class. The Liturgy included a wide range of very thoughtful prayers and a video reflecting on the Anti-Bullying message filmed and edited by the children themselves. Reflection time was given during the service where all those present held a stone and prayed for their own intentions. The stone symbolised strength and determination in the face of adversity.

Y6M Class Liturgy: 13.11.2017 Theme: In Remembrance

The Year Six children celebrated a wonderful Class Liturgy on the theme of ‘Remembrance’. It was planned and delivered completely by members of the class. The liturgy included prayer, scripture and a wonderful period of quiet reflection where everyone present was given time to remember those who had died.

Y1/2E Class Liturgy 13.11.2017 Theme: Love one another (Anti-bullying week)

Y5W Whole School Liturgy: 10.11.2017 Theme: Remembrance Day

Today we remembered those who have been in war for our countries. We remembered those who gave their today so we could have our tomorrow. Year 5 would like to thank all the parents who came to our liturgy. We hope to see you all again soon! 

Y3/4 DO Class Mass 6.11.2017 Theme: Names

Today we celebrated a lovely class Mass with Father Michael on the theme of Names. We brought to the altar a white shawl, a lit candle and a list of our names to remind us of the new life and new name given to us on our Baptism day.

Y1/2E Class Liturgy 2.10.2017 Theme: Friends

Year 6M Whole School Liturgy 28.9.2017 Theme: Our House Saints

Our second House Saints whole school liturgy introduced everyone to Saint Margaret and Saint Hugh. We were taught all about their lives - how Saint Margaret was very brave and stood up for what was right, no matter what the risk. We also found out that Saint Hugh was a generous man who loved God very much. He looked after those who were sick and less fortunate. As we continue our new school year we think about how we can be more like our House Saints and follow their examples.

KS2 Liturgy 25.9.2017 Theme: CAFOD The Power to Be...

Maggie from CAFOD visited our school and led three practical, informative and spiritual liturgies with Key Stage Two. She showed us how important renewable energy is around the world. We wrote our prayers, hopes and dreams on sun rays and created a giant sunshine to symbolise the power of these all together. 

Y1/2L Class Liturgy 25.9.2017 Theme: Beginnings

The children began to plan their own class liturgies this week using the let us pray resource. Our liturgy was on the theme of creation, linking to our Come and See topic. We thought about the times we had not looked after God’s creations and we thanked Him for all of the wonderful things He has made. 

Year 6M Whole School Liturgy 21.9.2017 Theme: Our House Saints

Our first House Saints whole school liturgy introduced everyone to Saint Barnabas and Saint Clare. We were taught all about their lives - how Saint Barnabas was a great preacher who listened when God called him and spread His word to others. We also found out that Saint Clare lived a very simple life in order to serve God more completely. She recognised the value in the simplest things in life that God provides us with. We are looking forward to finding out about our other House Saints, Saint Margaret and Saint Hugh very soon.

Y5D Class Mass 18.09.17 Theme: 'New Beginnings'

In Year 5D we had our class mass with Fr Michael. The theme was 'New Beginnings. This is our altar. Each leaf on the tree was made by a child and had their prayer for a new beginning written on it.


Y3/4 DO Class Liturgy 18/09/17 Theme: Change

Today we celebrated a lovely class liturgy on the theme of change. Everybody contributed to the display by bringing in something from the school garden which reminds us of the change of season.  We listened to the story of Zacchaeus and reflected on how we too can change our behaviour. We wrote down what we would like to change on a leaf shape and added these to our focus area.  Our mission was to 'turn over a new leaf' and try to be a better person.

Y3/4 DO Class Liturgy 18/09/17 Theme: Change

Year 3/4J Come and See Display

Our first Come and See topic this term is 'Homes'.

In this topic we have thought about what helps create a happy home. 

We have built a 'happy home' and have written the qualities needed for this on each brick.

F2W Class Liturgy 18/09/17 Theme: We Are Special

The Foundation 2 children practised preparing an altar table ready for the liturgy. We looked at all the important items that we needed. We thought about God saying, "We are all special" and we wanted to let all the staff know this message. We made stickers and gave one to each member of staff so they knew they were special to God. We talked about what prayer is and who we talk to when we pray. We drew pictures of those people that we wanted to pray for and put them on our new prayer tree.  

Y1H Class Liturgy 15/09/17 Theme: Our School Mission 

Today Y1H's class liturgy was based around our school's Mission Statement: In every child there is a space that only God can fill.

The children selected items to design a beautiful prayer focus. They created prayers and thought about how God helps us to grow in love. We each took either an acorn or sycamore seed - collected from Eco Land - and placed them in a jar. As we did so we asked God to help us grow, like seeds grow, in love and kindness towards each other.